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Who We Are

Sonic Healthcare USA (SHUSA) was formed in 2007 as the umbrella organization overseeing Sonic Healthcare Ltd.’s operation in the United States. 

Sonic Healthcare Ltd.'s involvement in the United States began in 2005 with the acquisition of Clinical Pathology Laboratories (CPL) of Austin, Texas. Since that time, Sonic Healthcare has purchased other operating clinical and anatomic pathology laboratories across the country. At present, there are nine operating divisions within SHUSA with more than 7,000 employees providing clinical and anatomic pathology services to 20 million physicians and patients in 34 states. 

In the USA, we operate with the same values and foundation principles as our parent company in Australia. We are passionate about our medical leadership culture in which we serve physicians with the highest quality of laboratory services and excellent customer service. Our laboratories are all directed by board-certified pathologists working with highly trained medical technologists and technicians to deliver quality and timely laboratory results. 

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